In Home Pet Euthanasia

Dignified Home Euthanasia

Available in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Unfortunately, all of our beloved pets eventually die.  Few are fortunate enough to pass peacefully in their sleep.  Many suffer terminal diseases that greatly decrease their quality of life.  Euthanasia is a humane medical option that ends a pet's life to prevent further pain and suffering.  Home euthanasia allows a pet a dignified death - they can die comfortably, free of anxiety and pain, and surrounded by loved ones.  Dying at home allows a pet to pass peacefully in a familiar environment and also allows a pet owner to privately grieve.

A house call for euthanasia consists of a series of injections.  The pet is first given a pain/sedative combination that makes them relaxed and sleepy.  When the pet is comfortable and sedate, a second intravenous injection is administered.  This is a quick-acting overdose of an anesthetic agent that ends consciousness and stops the heart.  At home, the pet can be where they are most comfortable, consoled by family members.

For aftercare, some owners choose burial.  Cremation service is available as an alternative.

Please call or email Dr. Carroll with questions about the process or to schedule an appointment.  (Please include in correspondence your location/neighborhood, type of pet (cat, dog, breed), and best method of contact).